Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 Rs In India 2023

Whenever we worked hard we will definitely feel a sense of sweaty at that time their will lots of irritation occurrence. To come out of that irritation we need to have a perfect ceiling fan. Because of these ceiling fans, we can easily come out of that sensation. Moreover, we will have a pleasant comfort when the breeze from the fan hits our face. With the help of the below ceiling fans even if we have done lots of work, The tiredness which is present in our body that is occurred due to work will fly away and we feel comfortable.

Features of the ceiling fan:

  1. All the ceiling fans are provided with high-quality selective options.
  2. They are capable of making the whole room breezy and windy within a few minutes of turning it on.
  3. They are available at a very less price under 1500 rupees.
  4. Compact style with lightweight which can be fitted in any place.
  5. Having a very less power consumption facility and also they have a dustproof feature.
  6. They have the efficiency to gain speed within very little time without any delay.
  7. Warranty is given on each and every ceiling fan up to a few years also.
  8. No heating up of the system even if it is used for many hours and also have noise-reducing factor installation.

Various parts that are present in the ceiling fan:

Electric power motor:

This motor is the only reason because of which a fan is rotated. It is a major part of the whole ceiling fan without which it will not work. This electric motor acts as the energy conversion device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are operated due to the interaction between the current and magnetic field. It will work in the presence both AC and DC currents.


Blades are also known as paddles and wings in a common way. These blades are arranged at a certain angle because which they will blow lots of air towards us. They are usually made up of different materials like Solid wood, Plywood, Steel, Aluminum and plastic also.

Blade irons:

This component also plays a major role in rotating the fan. Blade irons are also known as flanges, blade brackets, blade holders. These are used to connect blades to the motor through the help shafts and holders.


Fly-wheel the best part of the ceiling fan which is used for the purpose of oscillating. Even if the speed of a fan is increased suddenly this flywheel will work as the “shock absorber” to sustain the stability. Remaining all the parts that are attached to the ceiling fan may be easily disconnected but this flywheel cannot be removed directly and it is fitted to the shafts with screws and bolts tightly.

Other extra components:

When you come to the extra components the first one we will see is design. For the purpose of these designs, only all these extra components are fitted. Like having more than three blades to a fan, some kind of suspended materials (Metallic or plastic designed pipes), Decorative lights which will act as the enhancement for the ceiling fan, synthetic resin painting which will glow even in the night times.

All the above-discussed parts are the major ones only which are common in all types of ceiling fans. Not only this one’s, but there is also the presence of many more which are present in their respective models and types.

Different types of ceiling fans:

As we all know that, there are so many types of ceiling fans are present. They are Cast-iron ceiling fans, Stack motor ceiling fan, Direct drive ceiling fan, Spinner motor fan, Friction drive ceiling fan, Internal drive ceiling fan, Blade-less ceiling fan, Gear drive ceiling fan, Pendulum ceiling fan, Smart ceiling fan etc,. Here all types of ceiling fans are segregated according to the usage, characteristics, types of material used to manufacture it, Place of its usage and also on many more reasons.

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The most important thing in a person’s life is sleep. To have a perfect sleep an individual should have all the facilities. Among all of them, the major one is wind or breeze. They are not able to get this kind of breeze anywhere it will happen only with the help of a ceiling fan. This ceiling fan will give an extra-ordinary comfort to all the persons who are using it in their day to day life. By using these ceiling fans they can easily fall asleep within the few seconds that much cool breeze they will release. Not only for the purpose of cooling they are working as an attractive element to the ceiling of your home.

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