Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India 2023

The most important thing that must be installed in every kitchen is an exhaust fan. Because it eliminates all unwanted gases and moisture that is released during the cooking process. Normally this exhaust fan is called an “Exhauster” in a common way. Nowadays in each and every house, the people are using this exhaust fan for their daily works.

It will come under the section of ventilation. Normally in some kind of kitchens, there is no availability of windows to escape the unwanted gases. In that situation, this exhaust fan will work excellently and collect all these gases, finally emits through one of the outlets. Basically, this device is used for pulling up the gases from a room or house.

You can also notice these fans majorly in kitchens and minorly in washrooms. It plays a major role in removing the harmful contaminants which are not safe to breathe in. It decreases almost all the humidity that is present in the air.

Features of exhaust fan:

  1. All the exhaust fans are having a high-grade ventilation system.
  2. Having the capacity to eliminate the waste gases within a few seconds.
  3. It will remove all the harm full gases that will cause dangerous diseases.
  4. They are provided with a proper controlling system which is very easy to understand.
  5. Modern energy efficiency systems present in the exhaust fan will decrease the usage of power.

How an exhaust fan will work in a kitchen?

Usually, an exhaust fan is fitted to one of the walls in the kitchen. While we are cooking we just want to turn it on. When the exhaust fan is turned on, the blades of the fan which is present in the exhauster will rotate in the reverse direction, unlike the normal fans.

Rotating in the reverse direction will help them to pull all the unwanted gases from that kitchen. Continuous rotation of the fan will eliminate all the bad gases, Fumes of the cooking process, Smelly odors, and finally the water droplets present in the air (Humidity). After getting rid of all these things we can have a clear vision to see everything clearly.

In almost all the cooking industries these exhaust fans are present and also they are working in excellent condition. Unlike our normal kitchens, their kitchens will release a huge amount of gases. Because of these reasons, only their exhaust fans are working every day.

By using an exhaust fan we can decrease the damage to the utensils. Like, if the humidity which is released in the process of cooking may fall on the utensils and cookware which are made up of iron. Which will finally lead to the process of rusting, corrosion, and damages to the used things.

Types of exhaust fans:

When we come to the point of types in exhaust fans, There are only two types of exhaust fans. And also these types are present only because of the `mode of ventilation`. The two types are direct exhaust fan and duct linked exhaust fan.

In the model of direct exhaust fan, the fan is directly attached to the wall it will suck the gases from one side and release them through the others. But in duct linked exhaust fan, the fan which is attached to the wall will pull the gases. These pulled gases are released into a tube-like structure which will finally lead to the ventilation system of the house.

Advantages of using exhaust fan:

  1. By using this exhaust fan we can eradicate the occurrence of major respiratory diseases.
  2. It is very easy to install and remove it whenever we want.
  3. Immediately reduces all the temperature changes in the air to the low portion.
  4. Improves the availability of fresh air in the room where it is fixed.
  5. Does not cause any noise which will irritate while working in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of using exhaust fan:

  1. If the exhaust fan is not properly fixed then the gases which are pulled will again enter the same room.
  2. Sometimes the exhaust fan will cause noise because most of the unwanted gaseous material will be stuck on the blades of the exhaust fan.


It is our responsibility to keep our kitchen very clean in all aspects. This includes a gaseous system also. In this case, this exhaust will help us a lot, to put a full stop to the waste gases in our kitchen. Moreover, all the above exhaust fans are the best ones in our country. They are coming with extra-ordinary features which we can`t even imagine also. And also they are provided with a large period of warranty to the buyer.

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