Best Hair Straighteners In India 2023

The first thing we will notice in a woman`s face is her hair. To maintain that hair in the perfect condition this hair straightener is used. It will remove all the irregular shapes that are seen in the hair of a person. All the friskiness and curly hair can be easily flattened into a smooth one using this instrument. Various types of designer hair can be made within a few seconds with the help of following straighteners. By using them, you can easily avoid the usage of combs, rolls, and gels, etc. Which will make the hair straight normally. This instrument will come under the category of electronic gadgets in the section of makeup.

Features of the hair straightener:

  1. They are provided with a perfect ceramic finishing line which acts as a smooth liner.
  2. A great heat optimization facility system is present in every straightener.
  3. Having the access of heating up to 210°c within a minute after turning on.
  4. The two flexible hands can be folded in many ways.
  5. Some of the straighteners are even provided with a 360° rotation facility.
  6. They provided with a minimum of 1-year warranty after the date of delivery.
  7. We can use them for upto many years that kind of durability is given an each and every straightener.
  8. Available at very less cost which we can easily pay without any other thought.
  9. They are present in multiple color combinations which make the buyers to buy their own choice.

Different methods of straightening hair:

When we come to the point of methods of straightening there are two types of methods. They are temporary straightening and permanent straightening each method has its own benefit and use. In the following session, we can have a brief discussion about each method.

Temporary straightening:

This method involves only the straightening of hair upto two to three days only. Beyond that, it is not possible. For this method, the instruments they using are hot combs and hair irons. They will act as the temporary modifier to give perfect shape and structure to the hair. The major key factor which will help us to straighten in this method is heat. Even if more heat is supplied at a time will damage the hair which is usually called “heat damage”.

This method of temporary straightening of hair will come under the section of “Non-chemical treatment”. To decrease the damage of heat functionality perfect sprays and lotions are applied before straightening. The major steps involved in this method of hair straightening are straightening hair through combing, Hair ironing, Blow dryer which is used to blow out the heat, Hair rolling, and finally straightening brushes which will run with the help of electricity.

Permanent straightening:

This method of straightening hair will come under the section of “Chemical treatment”. After this process is done once then you are not able to retrieve it back it will remain as it is that’s why it is called permanent straightening. They will cause a complete change in the structure of hair using the drug by the name “Interferon alpha”.

      This drug is the reason for internal change in the texture of the hair. They will break the internal disulfide bonds and forms a new type of linkages. The several ways of permanent hair straightening are keratin or Brazilian treatment, Japanese thermal reconditioning, Yuko rebounding, and finally by using chemical relaxers which will contain calcium hydroxide it is more used in sensitive scalps.

Advantages of using hair straightener:

  1. Within very less time we can change the shape of our hair in whichever thing we want.
  2. Even an ordinary man can use it without any guide that’s like simple steps are involved in operating it.
  3. Professional hairstyles can be done by using this instrument.
  4. It is having a very smooth surface of the handle which is very comfortable while using it.
  5. All these straighteners are suitable for every kind of hair pattern.


In the busy schedule of women, they are not able to attend any beauty centers every time they want. In that situation, these straighteners will help them a lot to modify their hair into the most beautiful ones. They need to follow only two simple steps to make their hair look like an angel. In that, the first one is applying suitable sprays or conditioners before dealing with the hair straightener. Then the second one is smoothly sliding the hair between the holders of the hair straightener. That’s it these two small steps will turn their hair into the wonderful one. These steps are enough to keep your hair evergreen forever.

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